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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Big brother, what were you thinking?

I am not even American but I am upset at this Trump victory. Why am I so upset about election results for an election that I did not and could not participate in?
I care because America is our big brother. Scratch that, America is everyone's big brother. It is undoubtedly the Superpower, and now it will be led by an orange monster.
Watching the results come in, was like watching your big brother take a leak in public, and not discreetly behind a bush, but in the town square with a manic grin on his face, while streaming live.
I am upset because this monster came to power, democratically. And who stood against him, a candidate more qualified than any before. But a woman, and so people hemmed and hawed: She is corrupt. She is in with the big banks. Her husband sleeps around.
On the other side, a man who proudly abuses women, does not pay taxes, and incites hatred to get votes, but hell, let's go with the man. Of course, he's going to make America great, again.
I sincerely hope for all our sakes that he does indeed. But somehow I doubt it. And now the sad realization seeing these election results that perhaps America was never that great to begin with, that perhaps the raised arm on the statue of liberty, that symbol of refuge and hope for the poor masses the world over, is just a cover for what lies underneath, people who do not, in fact, embrace diversity. People who rather build walls than take them down and open their arms in welcome. People who would rather have the poorest amongst them go without proper health care than fork out money on premiums. People who rather scratch the system than work on ironing out the defects.
I was so hopeful yesterday that my daughter would get to see a woman lead the most powerful country in the world, but obviously not. Obvious now, that when you are a woman hard work doesn't count, neither do all the years you spent putting up with that cheating husband, just to position yourself in the race in the first place.
Oh, big brother, what were you thinking?


  1. Very well written , one is heart broken . To think that a person wins an election by saying all those untruths our humanity has fallen