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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

A Tragedy is a Tragedy

I have lost track of all the terrorist attacks around the world. I have lost track of all the lives lost.
It is not that I don't care, but that it hurts to see the pictures, to read the numbers, and know that those numbers are loved ones who will be missed.
I cannot understand premeditated violence. I understand anger. I am guilty of it. I only fight with the people I love the most. I remember physical fights with my sibling when we were all much younger. I recall the adrenaline. But how does one sustain anger long enough to premeditate violence? Terrorists are also human. What motivates them to do these things? I doubt that it is easy to go against the society you live in, to intentionally become a pariah, and a figure of everyone's hatred, so why do it? How much anger, resentment, and brainwashing would it take?
And then, as if all this ugliness was not enough, I see articles and posts by people annoyed by each other; turning tragedy into a pissing contest. Look, here, I lost more people than you, but you did not pay enough attention to my tragedy.
 We all care most about ourselves, then our circle of family and friends, and then acquaintances, and then people we sort of know or have heard of, and so on. The intensity of our emotion decreases as the distance from the centre increases. The centre being - me, myself, and I. I will not shed tears over a stranger's death in some place I have not heard of, but will be devastated at losing a family member.
  You cannot blame western media for caring more about Paris than Lahore. Same way, you should not find it strange that Pakistani media is full of news stories covering the recent attack in Lahore. How much news coverage is given to an event is determined by who is doing the reporting and how close they themselves are to the event, and because media is also a business, the interest of the readers/viewers.
    If the purpose of terrorism is to cause terror and fear, then my personal counter terrorism measure is to fight terror with calm, fear with trust, hatred with love. And please stop, the pissing contest. A tragedy is a tragedy. Don't turn it into a competition.

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