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Tuesday, 18 August 2015


I am a early riser. Comes from being the daughter of a mother who wakes up at five every morning. She wakes up to read the Quran. I wake up early because I like being alone. I like mornings- a fresh start to each day. To me, this is a blessing. My mother thanks Allah for His blessings. I am non-religious. I believe Allah, God, Bhagwan didn't just create me. He/She is in me and therefore knows I am grateful.
This morning, I read Zaheer Kidwai's blog "Windmills of My Mind." I read his posts about Sabeen Mahmud. Sabeen was a year senior to me at Kinnaird. I didn't know her. From a distance, I saw a girl who wasn't afraid to be different. I liked that. A mutual friend brought her into my room one day and had her read one of my poems. Sabeen was kind.
Seems to me that she had enormous courage and for that she was killed in the most cowardly way. I wish some things could be undone. Bullets not fired and a life not extinguished. I love my mornings but I wonder how hard mornings must be for people who have lost someone so close to them. Another morning, just means another day without them.

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