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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Facebook: A Keepsake Box

It is Father's  Day and my Facebook feed is brimming with posts for fathers - both dead and alive - touching tributes of love that I being a sentimental sort, like. It goes with my belief that love should be expressed openly, often, and with abandon, but I also can not help wondering how Facebook managed to evolve into this keepsake box for our emotions - heart wrenching posts to people lost, birthday messages to babes not old enough to read, declarations of unwavering love on anniversaries - the list is endless.

It's great, the more love expressed, the better. Sure, beats the heck out of nasty exchanges and displays of pettiness, but again, why Facebook? Why do we trust this public platform with so much that is dearest to us?

Perhaps, many of us need someone to bear witness to our emotions. Perhaps, I am one of those people too, despite my selective and jealous guarding of my private space.

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