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Friday, 8 August 2014

Early Morning in Adulusia.

Its early morning and the bees are swarming the alcove of trees next to the hammock, harvesting the tiny, yellow flowers that fall like a carpet over the courtyard coating the bar-b-que, the table tennis table, the lounge chairs. It is my favorite time of the day when everyone else is still asleep. This is the time when I feel most alive and completely at peace. 

Today is our last day in Andalusia. We plan on visiting Cordoba. The plan was to leave by eight. It is 7:45 and the house is still reverberating with snores. It has been a beautiful holiday despite a few hiccups. The house was not clean and bathrooms were fewer than promised but those are the little things like the insect bites on all of our bodies. The big things are the company of the people I love and the gorgeous views. 

Today is our last day here, my heart is heavy. I do not want to leave my sister and I am scared I might embarrass myself by crying when we part. There was a time when I always used to disintegrate into a water fountain at each parting, splurting  while she would laugh at my foolishness asking,"kia kar rahi ho tum?", her face a picture of bewilderment. I have become better at masking my feelings with age (yes, it has its benefits) and keeping a somewhat stiffer and less trembling upper lip. I remind myself there is always the phone and next time!

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