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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Bring on the Yoga Pants

There is so much focus on how a woman should dress that it is impossible for anyone to get it right. Cover up too much and you will judged as being brain washed into wearing that hijab, reveal too much and you are shameless, dress for comfort and you have no sense of style, dress stylishly and you are shallow. No matter how you dress, there will be someone, somewhere, ready to pass judgement.

At the end of the day, is any of this even that important? Yes, the way a person dresses does send other people a message because our first impressions are formed by appearance but so what? If one woman wants to dress in a revealing manner while another is comfortable covered up, shouldn't we treat both with respect? After all it should be up to each individual woman to choose how she dresses.

Personally, I am of the firm conviction that the whole planet should dress in yoga pants and sweat shirts and anyone who doesn't agree with me, fed to the dragons.

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  1. I agree with yoga pants! Sadly I am to tall and to thin for many pants and my closet only has five pants left. I also like these type of pants which are loose, tie-dye, and baggy.And just large shirts. Or maybe a shirt that says: "do not judge me by my style"