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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Ice Storm

Winter can be majestic. The city has been blanketed under layers of ice for the past few days. The trees, the streets, the power lines, street lights, road signs; everything has icicles hanging from it. Look out the window and the world has turned an errie silvery grey.

I have never seen so much beauty or so much devastation in Toronto. Great beauty comes at great expense. Downed power lines, trees bent under the weight of the ice, many with their spines broken, defeated and thousands without electricity. The city is slowly recovering, licking it's wounds. Our neighborhood just had power restored after three days.

 Now, back to the joys of heating, the comfort of one's own bed and a new found appreciation for all things taken for granted like hydro, running water, garbage collection, postal delivery and best of all, the open doors of a parent's home. Thank you.

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