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Sunday, 1 December 2013


The different hues of colour changing; gold melting into orange, red, pink and then darkening into the night sky has always filled me with wonder at the earth's beauty but it's a wonder accompanied with sadness. I can't explain the sadness.  Perhaps, it's because the time marks the end of each day. Each new day, a birth and each sunset, a death.

Sunsets in Pakistan were always marked by the sound of the azan. A well sung azan is a soulful sound. A beckoning; answered by some, ignored by others. The sunset is also a beckoning, a time to stop, take stock of the day. For a few moments, the sky lights up, a call - hey look at me and then it's gone. Like life itself, different colours, different shades, a few moments of grace and then, darkness.


  1. Very nice description of Sunrise and Sunset, No doubt Sunrise is a birth ans Sunset is death.

  2. Shaam ka sooraj jaate jaate .....Derwaze ke neechay se......Dhoop ka ek chota sa purza phaink gaya hai.....Kal aaoon, nashicht tau naheen hai....laikin ess maamooray main...Aaj ka din bhi jee paaye tum....esee liye... ye perchi rakh jata hoon keh sunder hai

  3. Ham ne dekha tha bohat dair talak doobte sooraj kee taraf...aur jab chalte huway haath milaya tha, keha tha uss ne...Tum ne wada tau kiya hai keh yaheen kal bhee miloge...Aur mujh se bhee keha hai keh gawahee dainaa ... main naheen aaoon ga kal doosra sooraj hoga''Ham ne daikha tha bohat dooor talak doobte sooraj kee taraf...Doosre din bhee mager daikh ke ham ko , woh hansaa qun tha?

  4. Lovely. Did you write these? I especially like the first one.