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Saturday, 16 November 2013


Last night, our family watched "Blackfish". Afterwards, my son insisted that it's a movie everyone should watch. He is right, everyone should. Most of us, humans grow up with the assumption that while nature is wonderful, we are the centrepiece. We assume that we are the most intelligent of all the creatures on the planet. We present our dexterity with tools and our ability to use language to communicate as evidence of our higher status. This conviction of our superiority leads to entitlement. In our arrogance, we have been plundering the planet: taking more than we give back and all too soon there will not be much left to leave our children. "Pride comes before a fall", and that seems to be the direction humanity is headed towards if we don't change our thinking.

"I say that humans are the only ones in the world that need everything within it but there is nothing that needs us for it's survival. We aren't the masters of the earth. We're the servants."

Orenda by Joseph Boyden

Blackfish Official Film Site

Blackfish: Orca documentary lacks scope, but delivers strong message

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  1. Never heard of black fish. But I know that humans are sometimes stupid.