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Friday, 18 October 2013

My Love Story

I wrote a love story the other night. Like all the best stories, it was a tragedy. I intended submitting it to a writing competition and with just a week to go for the submission deadline, I reeled in all my editors for a review. I was hoping for some constructive criticism and badly needed, editing.

My first response was from my sister. I called and asked her what she was up to. I wanted to show concern for her, before jumping into her thoughts on my masterpiece. "Oh, nothing much", she answered. "Just reading your story and laughing my head off!"

"What?", I responded. "Why are you laughing? It's a tragedy!"

"Oh, no no!", she continued, not one for being putting out. "It's Nasir and you; you have written about. You just changed the names and turned him into your neighbour. Also you forgot to mention your older sister but that's okay. You turned Aamer (my brother-in-law) into Zehra (a girl), your best friend. It's all very funny."

I tried explaining that it is a work of fiction and yes, I did borrow from personal experience in order to write but it is fiction.

My next response, was from my husband. You would think that since most of the story is really an account of my feelings for him, he might have had a more favourable opinion. Yes, I know, I just gave a spiel about it being fiction writing but what the hell would I have known about love if it hadn't been for this man. Anyway, the review came in, by way of e-mail. He had two-words to say in response to my twelve hundred word ode to him. "Very nice."

Things were not going well. Time to call in the troops. I rang my father. He came through with flying colours, emailing me back with corrected spelling mistakes and suggesting a few changes. He told me that it was excellent. I was thrilled. Couldn't be sweeter music to my ears! But than he asked how I came up with the story and of course, I had to be honest. It's how he brought me up. I wrote it for a competition I explained. My other stories are too long and would fail the 1500 word restriction. I wrote it on my Nexus while lying in bed at two in the morning. I couldn't sleep. I was very happy with the story, I further explained; it ended when she finds out about the girlfriend but that only got me to 800 words. 400 words short of the minimum 1200 needed for submission and so I decided to kill the love of her life. Blow him  up - to be exact! And then I imagined how I would feel if something happened to Nasir and typed it up. 1200 words and story done!

P.S: Older sisters are the best. This statement also holds true for childhood sweethearts, best friends, fathers and ice cream.


  1. love your you more

  2. I like to write too, but I never would send my writings to my sister because I know she would laugh at it too.

    1. You should write, if you enjoy it and not worry about your sister's reaction to it .