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Thursday, 24 October 2013

An Education

There was a young boy in line ahead of me at a store today. He looked around five-years old and had brought along his mother. His mom was holding a white shirt in her hand and I heard her say to him, "This is a very strange looking shirt. Are you sure you want to keep it?"
"Yes," came the prompt reply. "I want to keep it till I don't want it anymore."
Of course they are both in line to pay for this unique-looking shirt which he only wants till he doesn't want it anymore. Can't get more logical than that!
Just as logically, big chain stores always have items in bins placed strategically around the area where customers line up to pay. The child picked up a circular sponge- type thing from one of the bins.
"What is this?", he asked rotating the circular sponge thingy. He took the words right out of my mouth. To be honest, it looked like a contraceptive device to me.
"It's a bun.", his mom responded.
"A bun?, he repeated incredulously. It didn't look very appetizing.
"You know the kind Aunt Charlotte makes on her head," the mom explained. "Women make it on their head to dress up."
"Oh," responded the little boy, clearly understanding now. "Like for Halloween."
"No, no, not Halloween. Just for dressing up when you have long hair." Mom continued.
"But when will I have long hair?, he asked.
When, indeed! He wasn't the only one leaving the store having learned something new; all circular sponge thingies are not contraceptive devices, some can be used for makings buns on your head when your hair grows long enough.

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  1. That's a funny and cute story. I wonder when he will have long hair!