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Friday, 6 September 2013

Unsung Heros

I went for a run this morning. Even though I say this with no small amount of pride however I do not want to mislead anyone into picturing me as some sort of great athelet because as always, barely into the first kilometer, I was already tantruming in my own head. This time the internal argument took the line of - why bother running when only next week I will be laid up again post- surgery and it will again take months to rebuilt my strength so why bother with this torture right now? I don't know how other people's inner dialogues go but mine always have plenty of back and forth and this time the rebuttal was a firm one- go into the procedure stronger and you will come out stronger. So I trudged on, all the time arguing with myself and then someone flew past me - a baby pink top, grey shorts, sensible running shoes and a full head of grey. Judging by the back of her legs, I would say that the lady must easily have been in her seventies and I thought - wow, I hope I can run like her at that age which was closely followed by - wow, I wish I could run like her at my age!

People like her, are an inspiration for a person like me. Every so often, I am jolted by something some one said or did. A few months back, I met a ninety-year-old who volunteers at my children's school preparing the kids' snacks. In order to have the snacks ready in time, she and her friends are there early each morning. When I praised her enthusiasm and spirit; she responded, "it's our time to give back." I couldn't help but think of the elderly of our community who I often hear complaining about how other people don't do enough for them.

Then, there was a eight-year-old who I overhead telling her elder sister, " I choose to keep only the good memories!" I was floored. Here was a child who has been through more trials than most but she "chooses" to keep a positive attitude. True wisdom from an eight-year-old!

These are my heros. Not the people who climb Mount Everest ( though I do appreciate the determination and grit ), or walk the moon but people who we live amongst - normal people who have great spirit and positivity. People who focus more on giving back than taking; people who "choose" to stay positive no matter what life throws at them. At the end of the day, life is precious and beautiful but you know what they say about beauty - it lies in the eyes of the beholder.

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  1. I prefer to stay positive but am always faced with negativity coming fro the side of me which wants to give up.