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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Anosognosiatic Taliban and Company

"Those with severe mental illness often have a symptom called anosognosia - a lack of awareness that they are actually sick. Treatment is "forced" on them because they don't have the capacity to make a rational decision."

Read this in a opinion piece by Andre Picard in the Globe and Mail today. It made me think of something else I read in the paper yesterday - a statement by a Taliban spokesman explaining the bomb blasts killing so many in a church in Peshawar, Pakistan as a step towards removing all non- Muslims from Pakistan. My reaction yesterday on reading his statement was that they (the Taliban) should then remove themselves since their actions go against the tenets of Islam but now reading this article, I think I am a step closer to understanding the Taliban - they are severally mentally insane and they don't know it.  They fall in the same medical category as people who due to mental illness are dangerous to others and have to be treated. There are unfortunate incidents when mentally sick people hurt or kill innocents. With the Taliban and other similar fanatic groups, it is a case of group insanity - like-minded individuals congregating together.

If only there was some way, to gather them all in one place and administer treatment!

"The Freedom to be Sick and the Right to be Well" by Andre Picard, Globe and Mail, 24th Sep'2013.

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