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Friday, 13 September 2013

Life from the Hazy Side

It's funny how time slows down while lying in a hospital bed. The tap in the sink has been dripping all night; a consistent reminder of water being wasted and time ticking by.

It's also funny how in hospital your only job is to rest. You would think that with nothing to do but rest, time would never pass but yet it does. It's passing measured by the nurse checking your vitals, taking your blood pressure, replacing the saline solution and giving you painkillers. Being in hospital makes me think that perhaps I have always just been a lazy bum waiting for her moment. I love lying around. It's perfectly wonderful. A nice break from constantly rushing around.

The doctor and nurses are amazing; kind and efficient. Feel sorry for them. They have so much to do. Perhaps they also need a bed, a couple of shots and hydromorphone pump to see life from the hazy side.

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