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Thursday, 19 September 2013


I went for a walk this morning. It took me over an hour (We will not go into how much over an hour!) to walk 2km despite finally taking the muscle relaxant and the painkiller. I did think of cutting the walk short but it was so beautiful outside that inspite of all the strange looks from the other people on the path, I kept crawling along.

I feel lucky that I was able to enjoy the outdoors. I am not cooped up inside some office or unable to get out on my own because of poor health. What a joy it is not to be dependent on other peoples' kindness just to eat and go to the loo! What must it be like to always be dependent on other people to take out the time to attend to your basic needs? How small must it make you feel to always be indebted to others for bathing you, changing you, feeding you ?

I know that in the following days, I will regain my strength quite quickly but what if that was not the case and I knew instead that I will only get weaker and more dependent. We take so much in life for granted when really, nothing is for certain. Our health, independence, our loved ones are all enormous blessings to be grateful for with each and every breath.

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