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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Drawing Lines

"A full-time teacher who wears a hijab would receive help to make the transition." Really, Ms Marois?

I don't wear a hijab, nor have ever worn one nor do I have any intentions of ever wearing one. In fact to be be honest, I find women who choose to cover their hair a bit irritating, just like I find women who dress provocatively similarly annoying. I also find myself peeved by men who jog shirtless in public. I am cranky, eccentric and opinionated but even I realize that neither I nor anyone else has the right to demand that other people dress to suit any individual's sensibilities other than their own.

Out of consideration for other people, one should observe personal hygiene but how you dress is a personal decision. Should we also ban people from wearing hats and toques to fight the cold during winter and sun hats during the summer? Perhaps we should consider the implications of six-year-old girls wearing tiaras as well?

My other question is, why only provide "help" to full-time teachers? Is it alright to wear the hijab if you teach part-time? Where would Ms. Marois (our Quebec Premier) like to draw the line?

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