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Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Woke up to the sound of my own screaming. I was alone in a  small, dark hole and singing to occupy my mind, to distract it from the thought of forever in that dark place all alone. 

In my awake state, I have always thought of myself as a loner- a person happiest in her own company. Funny that it took a nightmare for me to realize how scared I actually am of the dark and being alone forever. Now that's a scary thought - forever. You can not die once you are already dead. God alone knows why religions are so big on selling the afterlife. Who the hell in their right mind wants to live forever- knowing it will never end? 

Forever- impossible to even imagine! Our only hope that God if He exists, is kind and not a cruel  sadistic creature prone to torturing people to teach them a lesson for the rest of eternity. Even that- I mean - what's the point of teaching anyone a lesson once they are already six feet under and it's too late to repent and attempt redemption. The only point then would be some form of twisted vengeance. God save us from such a god!

Heaven and hell - I am not sure of the existence of either outside our own minds. Heaven is our happiest moments and hell exists within the recesses of own minds. 

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